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Green Materials

Kirei Board

lireiKirei board is a new “plywood,” which is actually made from material that used to be thrown away. Stalks from the sorghum plant are heat-pressed with a nontoxic adhesive to form this lightweight, strong board. Kirei means pretty in Japanese, and each piece of Kirei is unique.

kirieSorghum ranks fifth among the most important cereal crops of the world, after wheat, rice, corn and barley, in both production and total area planted. Sorghum species are used for food, fodder and the production of alcoholic beverages. Sorghum is drought and heat tolerant, making it an important crop in arid regions.


plybooPlyboo is plywood made from 100 percent renewable bamboo; it is stronger than oak, yet more lightweight and eco-friendly. Bamboo is a giant grass, and one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Some species can grow four feet in one day. The grass grows buds for three years, then, in one tremendous three-month spurt, bamboo shoots reach full diameter and height.  Another three years may pass before the shoots mature from soft starch into hard bamboo.

Bamboo vs. Hardwood Forests

Bamboo produces greater biomass and 30 percent more oxygen than a hardwood forest of the same size, while also improving watersheds, preventing erosion, and removing toxins from contaminated soil. Unlike most forestry, proper harvesting does not kill the bamboo plant; the root system is left unharmed and ready to produce more shoots. Bamboo can be harvested in seven years versus the 10 to 50 years it takes for softwoods and hardwoods. It also yields up to 20 times more timber and is two to three times stronger than other trees in the same area.

Local Granite

The granite that makes up Latitude 43’s fireplace and the restaurant’s harbor walk supports was quarried right on Cape Ann, reducing CO2 transmission due to transportation.

Cape Ann has become a major source for mining granite through the northeast, due to the area’s short distance between the quarries and deep water.

Recycled Glass in Kitchen Tiles

recycled glass

Recycled Fibers in Carpet Tiles

recycled fibersThe carpet around the sushi bar is both recycled and recyclable. A company that utilizes old carpet to produce new carpets, borrowing patterns from nature to hide seams and dirt, makes the interface tiles. The company is constantly innovating carpet technology towards its goal of a zero environmental footprint by 2020. 

Use of Salvaged Materials

rescue boat hull

The rescue boat hull above the Latitude 43 kitchen was rotting in a shipyard. The bar in the pub is the old McT’s bar, refinished and put back in service.


 Some of the granite outside was actually salvaged from a fountain in Boston, as well as an old boat slip.

Saving Energy

The sunshade that is also a solar hot water heater

solar shade

The sunshades over the deck do double duty: They keep guests cool and heat the dishwasher’s hot water, taking in water at 53°F and delivering it to the hot water heater at 120°F. Each individual vacuum tube has a special coating to absorb 93 percent of the sun’s energy; the tubes work like a thermos to retain heat and allow the system to work even at low temperatures. This system is so efficient that it used to heat water at the South Pole Antarctic Science Base.  The estimated payback of the system is five years with a lifetime of over 30 years.

Concrete floor with radiant heat

radiant heatThe concrete floor is stained by a local artist and contains a radiant heating system. Radiant heat saves 30-40 percent on heating, and it is the most comfortable form of heat because it is warmest next to your feet, which is where you need it the most. Because radiant heat is actually a low frequency radio wave, it only heats what’s cold and reduces dust mites and airborne allergens by 60-90 percent.


XLERATOR hand dryer

hand dryer

  • Uses 80 percent less energy than paper towels 
  • Doesn’t create waste 
  • Works in 15 seconds, with 181 miles/hour air at 135°F (especially nice in the winter)
  • Qualifies for LEED credits in two categories
  • This is not your dad’s hand dryer!

Super Efficient Lighting

lightingLatitude 43 uses the latest in florescent technology inside and metal halide vapor lights outside. 

A typical 100-watt incandescent bulb converts only 2.6 percent of its power into light; the other 97.4 percent is wasted as heat.

The restaurant’s operable skylights provide energy free light during the day and energy free cooling in the summer.

solar lights

Solar LED navigation lights on the deck and piers charge up during the day and shine all night. 


Insulation is the “biggest bang for the buck” in energy savings.  It’s not sexy but is saves on energy – winter, spring, summer and fall. The restaurant has extra insulation in the walls and roof system to lower heating and cooling requirements. Its windows are also extra insulated to minimize heat loss, and tinted to minimize solar heat gain.

Saving Water

Waterless urinals

waterless urinalsWaterless urinals save 1.5 - 3 gallons of water per usage, which adds up to 45,000 gallons of water per year, per urinal. There are no handles to touch, no sensors, and no moving parts; the urinal bowl surfaces are urine repellent and a special liquid in the system traps urine to keep things clean and smelling fine.

Dual flush toilets

dual flushDual flush water saving valves on toilets use water as needed, offering a standard and light flush, which saves 30 percent on water.  Plus, the green handles have an antimicrobial coating to protect against germs.

Automatic shut off faucets

auto shut off

Porous Pavement


Typically, roads and parking lots gather oil between rainstorms and then all of that oil is washed right into the sea when a storm comes. With porous pavement, the oil seeps into the ground, where bacteria can eat it.  Porous pavement also reduces storm water runoff that causes erosion and flooding. Additionally, a StormCepter basin under the parking lot catches the rest of the debris and chemicals found in rainwater runoff. 

Art Features

Coast Guard Rescue Boat, 1930-1970, self righting & self bailing

coast guard boat

The 36-foot TRS MLB has rescued people at sea during 60-foot waves and 70-knot winds. Its double-ended hull allows the boat to cut through high surf in both directions, and the 2000 pound bronze keel immediately uprights the boat after any wave. Weighing 20,000 pounds, the boat is planked with cypress over white oak frames and fastened with bronze screws.

The boat hull was purchased from Gloucester “wharf rat” Mark Sheldon, who sold the top half to a museum for the fittings. It was refinished by Joe Misuraca – the happiest man in Gloucester.

The Harbor Mural

harbor mural

The mural, painted by local artists Lena Fransioli and Brooke Sheldon, focuses on the ever-changing light, air and water. Lena and Brooke drew inspiration from the luminist seascapes of Gloucester maritime painter Fitz Hugh (Henry) Lane (1804-1865), and the romantic grandeur of Russian romanticist Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900).

Luminism is an offshoot of the Hudson River School style of the 1850s-1870s, characterized by effects of light in landscapes, through aerial perspective, concealing visible brushstrokes. Luminist landscapes emphasize tranquility, and often depict calm, reflective water and a soft, hazy sky. 

To this, Lena and Brooke added the romanticism's rush of movement and change.  We simply like Neptune, and asked for his portrait to be added to the scene.

More about the artists: www.Zoe-design.com

You can see the largest Fitz Hugh Lane collection in the world down the street at the Cape Ann Historical Museum.

Chris Williams’ Metal Sculptures

Octopus over the sushi bar

Fish ticket holder under the rescue boat

Iron Bonsai tree

Cape Ann iron artist Chris Williams specializes in iron animalia. His studio is open by appointment, Monday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm. 22 Rocky Hill Road Essex, MA 01929 978.768.7652



  • Permitting and Licensing Michelle Harrison, Gloucester, MA
  • Architecture Poore and Company, Gloucester, MA
  • Initial construction – Demo, Foundation and Framing Geoffrey Richon and Company, Gloucester, MA
  • General contractor C.E. Floyd Company, Inc., Bedford, MA
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installation Morris Heating & Air Conditioning, Essex MA
  • Kitchen Design and Installation Harbor Foods, Chelsea, MA
  • Muralists Lena Fransioli and Brooke Sheldon, Hamilton, MA
  • Metal Sculptures Chris Williams, Essex, MA
  • Audio, Video, WiFi, and Telephone Symdex Systems, Manchester, MA
  • Marine Salvage Mark Sheldon, Gloucester, MA
  • Boat Refinishing Joe Misuraca, Gloucester, MA
  • Rigging Butch Roth, Gloucester, MA

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